Mystery Studio Box

The Cornelius Crane
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Scattered throughout Crane HQ is a mysterious mix of studio gear. No one really knows what they are or where they came from. Take this for example, I'm pretty sure our frontman and studio guru Steve knows what this is, but the rest of us have no idea.


Home Sweet Home

The Cornelius Crane
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We've had a busy period. After a whole heap of awesome gigs we're back at Crane HQ ready to write new stuff and get it recorded. We've been out and about headlining a festival near Blackpool, playing in Chameleons legend Dave Fielding's neck of the woods and hitting Blackthorn Music Festival hard. It's been a really positive time for us. Now, back and refreshed we're itching to get some new songs finished. We have a huge stash of half finished songs and ideas which we'll be fleshing out and recording very very soon.

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